The Rangers Tribune is a prestigious hockey blog that has been dedicated to covering the New York Rangers since January of 2009. Readers will find the latest news, analysis and information regarding their favorite hockey team here on the blog as soon as it happens, and that very work ethic is what I, Editor in Chief here at The Rangers Tribune, pride myself on, as does the rest of the staff. The goal here is to provide the very best experience for fans to read about and discuss the Broadway Blueshirts, and I've been working diligently to improve that experience since day one. 

In order to give readers what they deserve, honesty is a big part of the analysis that goes into this blog. We do not do this to sugarcoat or give you basic information. As passionate fans, we know exactly what you, the reader, are seeking when visiting a hockey blog. You want the honest truth, pretty or ugly, and mainstream media sources will not give you that. On The Rangers Tribune, however, we will. 

For this reason, The Rangers Tribune has been recognized as not only a top New York Rangers blog, but also a well-known NHL blog as well. Just last year RT was listed 15th on Top100Hockey.com's ranking of hockey-related websites. Articles written by myself and others on this very blog have also been featured on reputable websites such as NHL.com, ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy, MSN and many more. These are all immense honors that we take great pride in. 

But what's most important to me as the manager here is the developing community of readers. It's grown exponentially since it's first year and now the blog receives thousands of hits/visits on a daily basis. So if you are reading this right now, allow me to welcome you to the greatest New York Rangers fan community that the interweb knows. 

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Nick Montemagno, Editor-in-Chief

As a lifelong New York Rangers aficionado residing in the Empire State, Nick Montemagno has been blogging about the team on The Rangers Tribune since 2009. From the day the blog was published (January 10, 2009), Nick has quickly built up his résumé as a hockey writer, having his articles featured on reputable websites such as NHL.com, ESPN, Yahoo!, FOX Sports and many more. He’s also been credentialed to cover live events such as the 2011/2012 NHL All-Star Games and has interviewed several hockey elites including Wayne Gretzky, Henrik Lundqvist and Marian Gaborik. Nick is currently a pre-law major at Hofstra University in New York.

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Michael Spinner, Editor

Michael Spinner, also an avid fan of the Rangers, began his journalism career as a high school freshman and has excelled in the writing field ever since. He was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of the Pace University newspaper while in college, and also contributed to The Queens Tribune and The Bayside Times. He also played a part in the creation of Inside Lacrosse, which is the largest publication the sport knows. Throughout this span of time, Michael has closely followed and rooted for the New York Rangers, and was added to the staff here at The Rangers Tribune in January of 2012.

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Marc Weissman, Editor

Marc Weissman has been "bleeding blue" for 42 years now, following the New York Rangers since the young age of four. His deep history as a fan of the team provides a unique perspective on not only the Rangers, but the sport of hockey itself. His judgemental but truthful analysis of the club, along with his witty satire, makes him a perfect fit on The Rangers Tribune, forming perfectly to the mold of what the blog is all about in the first place. Marc was added to the blog's staff in the summer of 2012. 

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Alex Klein, Editor

Alex Klein has been a member of the Blueshirt Faithful from day one, being born into a Ranger-crazed family whose lives revolve around the team and everything that comes with it. Not only is Alex just a fan of the sport, but he also has an extensive history playing hockey as well. He's played at the highest youth level and was even selected to the national all-star team at age 16, allowing him to see the game from an angle some may not be capable of. Alex is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania, and was added to The Rangers Tribune's staff in the summer of 2012.

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Twitter: @kleinale1992


John Schlichting, Editor

Also a lifelong fan and former season ticket holder, John Schlichting has endured a long history of New York Rangers hockey. Despite the many years that have passed, however, he can still recall every high and low he's experienced as a fan, undoubtedly making his claim to fame as a writer his impressive attention to detail and razor sharp memory. John is also a news hound when it comes to the team, always having to be up to date on the latest in regard to the Blueshirts. John was added to The Rangers Tribune's staff in 2012. 

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